Rebuild a Classic Truck

This Online Web Site gives you a hands account of how to.... change over or rebuild your classic truck.   My truck of choice is the 1956 F100 Ford. I'm sure this information' could apply to almost any classic truck!

Successful Change Over

Tools you'll need!

Selecting a Truck!

Preparing engine, frame & drive train!

Rigging you Cab
for lifting!

Measuring the
Wheel Base!

Swapping over

Assembling your
Truck Body!

Front Cab Mounts

Rear Cab Mounts

Rework Front End!

Mounting the Box!

Installing the
Steering Column!!

Installing the
Brake System!!

Installing the
Charging System!!

Installing the Frame for your Running Boards!!

Installing the Gas Pedal!!

Hooking up the
Ignition System!!

Fabricating your Battery Box!!

Rebuilding your
Lock Out Hubs!!

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Selecting a Truck!!   The truck of my dreams is a F100 1956. I also had a 1976 International Scout II, which has been a great Jeep.   I figured if I could have both I would be a happy camper. So that's what I did.

I read a few articles about truck selection online and I decided to add this note before I get started. I'm assuming your going to do your best to complete your project.... because according to most articles.... people don’t finish a project where the truck is not almost done and in running condition.

Most men get more out of there classics if they can drive them while there working on the body or whatever. I didn't do that.... I slammed my truck out in 5 weeks I was laid off at the time and worked the project just like a job.  I was in the garage at 7:00 am and took coffee brakes etc....but I worked the truck right-out to the finish.

Got it I'm here working on this web site.  My advice work it like a job and finish it. I made sure I didn't turn into a jerk when I had to quite working and help my wife or kids with something. I always give them priority over my projects.  When my family sees me working hard on something they always try to....let me get it done.

I consider it a honor to help my kids because time goes so day they'll be up and gone so hang out with them while you can.....besides your projects will be the talk of town with them telling there friends about it.

assuming you will be completely tearing down your classic there’s no need to spend money on a truck that's already redone.  Find a truck that is in fair condition and has most of the windows and hardware.  Such as door handles, dash components, emblems etc.

I do have a edge since I have already rebuilt my truck once...I know how it goes might have to get a complete truck and take it apart just to get familiar with it. It's really not that completed once you get into it.

Watch out for trucks that have been painted with a brush for storage reasons.  This method covers up a lot of bad bodywork and dents. Also the chassis is not so important since you’ll be junking it or trying to resell it.  Or save it and rebuild another one that's my plan.

If you are going for the stock rebuild I will have information on redoing that as well.   I run mine in stock condition for a year or so.   There's really not that much to a stock rebuild.

The better shape the body is in the less work you’ll have to do.  I would also recommend getting a parts catalog for the truck you are looking for ahead of time to see what parts cost.  You’d be surprised at what some things cost.

I paid $1800.00 for my 1956 F100 truck and rebuilt it as stock and drove it for a year or so and then went for the change over. Getting it on the road really did not cost too much.   I did all the work my self. Including the paint job which was my first.  All in all it turned out OK..

So look for a low cost truck that will not need to muck work.  This takes time to find the right deal. It took me two years to find my truck.  It was mainly because I wanted an 8' bed........which were on the F250 models.

The truck actually looked ok when I got sat in a barn for twelve years waiting to be redone.  : The owner finally gave up and sold it.  

Here's some things look for.

         The roof drip edge around the top of the cab

         Windows and hardware, door handles, emblems etc.

         bondo or caved in roof or hood

         Special editions models (Big Back Windows F100's-Custom Cab)

         Extra parts-get everything you can from the owner

         Original Title if possible


         Look for badly rusted out spots

Remember that running boards on some trucks are $300.00 a set.   And fenders go as high as $500.00 for Steel.  So don't be afraid to try and deal about any extra parts no matter what kind of shape there in.

This is what the truck looked like once I took it apart and started sanding on it..

Classic Truck


Here's a picture of the truck while in the tear down.

Classic Truck


The inside was original black. I ended up painting it white.